Microsoft 365

The truly productive cloud

Since last April 21, 2020, Office 365 has become Microsoft 365. Same products, same prices, just a new name.

Discover the new productivity cloud, extended tools and security from Microsoft to help you achieve your goals with innovative Office applications, intelligent cloud services and the highest security standards.

Improve overall productivity

Allow your employees to connect with the people, resources, information and content they need to do their jobs. Improve productivity with the latest versions of O365 and work together like never before with Microsoft Teams.

Transform your management

Convert the way you manage your business and simplify the way you work with modern tools at your disposal to carry out your daily work. Reduce manual paperwork, get better information, and automate daily business processes.

Safety is a key aspect

You will have a level of security that you can trust to protect your employees and your company’s information and data. Protect yourself against cyberattacks, keep customer data safe and protect your devices.

Office 365

Office 365 in now Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 has all the tools that were part of Office 365 that you need to work at any time and device. To give you the idea, you will have the same Office that you used for years, but with all the advantages and benefits of the cloud.

o365 es ahora microsoft 365

Ideal for all types of companies thanks to its different plans, companies will have the Office applications they need on different devices, as well as different file storage services in the cloud, security, email, etc.

Work from where you need

Microsoft 365 offers you the applications you already know, always updated, on your favorite device.

By collaborating, you go further

Share files always accessible, both online and offline, and stay in sync with your computer.

Always updated

You will always work with the latest versions so that you can work and not waste time installing, updating or synchronizing.

Even smarter

Add intelligent functionalities to your capabilities to help you save time and obtain better results.

Microsoft Teams

It drives the real cultural change in companies

Producing the cultural change that is so necessary in our companies is not easy, since the hackneyed digital transformation goes much further than adopting software or hardware, it is rather a cultural transformation, which must be deeply rooted in organizations.

Microsoft Teams is a collaborative solution designed to be the true channel of what it means to work as a team, whether you are in the office or from anywhere. You will promote more supportive and collaborative relationship models in your teams.

The collaborative Microsoft Teams solution is undoubtedly the best starting point to effectively manage the cultural change in your organizations.

Features Microsoft Teams

One of the best ways to be a team

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