Comprehensive management of your company with a modern, flexible and intelligent ERP

365 Business Central SaaS

Enjoy an intuitive user experience and enhanced capabilities to help you grow and connect your business.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in the cloud is a business application for small and medium-sized businesses that have outgrown their basic accounting software.

These companies have often operated with multiple independent tools and systems that are difficult to connect with each other and to integrate with new technologies.

Dynamics 365 Business Central in the cloud helps these companies connect financial, sales, service and operations data to streamline business processes, improve customer interactions and make better decisions.


Migrate with confidence to the cloud and enjoy the speed, performance and flexibility that Business Central offers you to manage your business end-to-end.


Amplia las funcionalidades de BC

Take your business with you wherever you are and work with all functionalities.

Break down silos in your organisation by using an end-to-end solution that enables rapid deployments, rollouts and on-boarding.

Get technical support in 25 languages, localisation resources and the ability to make changes to the user interface without programming, plus you can extend the solution with Microsoft Power Apps, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents.

Trabajo inteligente con Microsoft 365

Access business intelligence resources, with real-time dashboards and KPIs for each user role.

Optimise performance using simple workflows, audit trails, enterprise-grade security measures and AI resources.

Links enterprise data with productivity tools to improve the customer and employee experience throughout the business process, from offer to payment.

Mejora las finanzas con Business Central

Better manage cash flow, bank reconciliations, fixed assets, budgets and project costs by shortening cycles with an extension that allows you to predict payment delays.

Accelerate monthly and annual closings by connecting data from general ledger, receivables, payments and fixed assets. Streamline approval workflows with Power Automate.

Connect reports, charts and Power BI data across accounting, sales, purchasing and inventory teams to extract more accurate insights and make financial decisions with confidence.

Acelera las ventas

Monitor customer interactions and better determine the best sales opportunities throughout the sales cycle.

Track customer agreements to quickly access details on pricing, discounts, delivery dates, product availability and order management status.

Create flexible pricing and discount structures for individual customers and customer groups.

Servicio al cliente

Automatically record shipped goods and keep the necessary details in one place.

Offer full product replacement or simple repairs by including the cost of parts and labour in the service order itself.

Assign the right personnel to work orders and enjoy an overview of service tasks and workloads.

Mejora la rentabilidad

Better manage projects using timesheets and advanced cost management and reporting functionality.

Manage resource utilisation by planning capacity and sales.

Access real-time business intelligence resources on project status, profitability and resource utilisation metrics.

Cadena de suministro

Forge more fruitful relationships with suppliers and convert the best offers into orders.

Use the same or different stock valuation with inventory items, easily ship items from one location to another, and monitor quantity on hand by performing cycle counts.

Replenish inventory based on actuals, demand and availability using built-in intelligence resources, along with sales and stock-out forecasts, to automatically create purchase orders.

Gestión de almacenes con Business Central

Configure locations and zones in Business Central to reflect the warehouse layout, such as shelving and shelves.

Use a template to determine the best location for items based on site type, size and capacity.

Optimises space and the picking process. Streamlines shipments and reduces conflicts by enabling direct transit.

Uses real-time data on the area, location and quantity of each item to better manage customer orders.

Producción óptima con Business Central

Implements invoicing processes in a planned way, even in agile and complex environments.

Specify raw materials, sub-assemblies or resources via a bill of materials that encompasses a finished product or kit.

Record special requirements in the BOM and manage them directly from the quotation and sales order during order assembly processes.

Record consumption and results in different BOMs and routes.


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