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Optimize and save time in the cloud

Cloud accounting for SMEs

Simplify your day to day

365 Accounting Suite is a set of online accounting solutions designed to optimize the management of the accounting area of ​​SMEs.

Composed of solutions capable of working together or independently, it puts multiple functionalities at your service.

Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as a functional basis, with 365 Accounting Suite you will take advantage of all the power of 365 Business Central, but without losing yourself in the complexity of some of the processes.

You can speed up, simplify and save time with functionalities that are easy to understand, set up and use.

With the 365 Accounting Suite online accounting suite, you will enjoy powerful functionalities focused on improving and streamlining various fundamental accounting processes that, normally, are not thought from the point of view of the end user, but from the ERP.

Everything you need

For the accounting area of ​​your SME

They are extensions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central designed to simplify the day-to-day life of your accounting area and spend less time on the inevitable repetitive tasks.

Why 365 Accounting Suite?

Cloud accounting for companies, simple and reliable

How to purchase the cloud accounting extensions 365 Accounting Suite?

We present you several ways to access our solutions

If you are already a user of Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC in the cloud, download from Microsoft AppSource our extensions that are part of 365 Accounting Suite

  • 365 IRPF
  • 365 Advanced Classification
  • 365 Posted Doc Editor
  • 365 Send/Received Docs Management
  • 365 Report 347
  • 365 Enhanced Bank Reconciliation
  • 365 Payroll Importing
  • 365 Closing Wizard
  • 365 Easy Invoicing

If you are not a user of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central program in the cloud, nothing happens. It is very simple. You can download from here a trial of 365 Business Central in addition to our extensions of the cloud accounting solution 365 Accounting Suite

Access our One Week Program and we will help you deploy Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in the cloud, configure it, upload your data and learn what is necessary in the accounting area so that you are working / operational in 1 week.

Optional migration service

We help you transfer your data

Optionally, if you wish, we can help you migrate all the data from your previous solution quickly and without errors.

We have extensive knowledge of its structure, we know how the files of the old BDF tables are stored and that is why we have developed ready-made connectors that are responsible for taking all the information and transforming it.

Subsequently, a review of the process is carried out and, in case of any error, it is corrected immediately and transferred when the approval is received.

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