EULA | 365 Advanced Classification

These license use terms constitute an agreement between 365 Makers (hereinafter THE SUPPLIER) and the “client” (hereinafter CLIENT) applicable to the 365 IRPF software. (hereinafter SOFTWARE)

To download and install the Software, the CLIENT must accept the terms of this agreement. This agreement is a legally binding contract that must be read in its entirety. If you do not agree to any of the following terms you should not download and you should cancel or interrupt any installation you have started.

Downloading, installing or using the SOFTWARE to which these terms of use apply constitutes acceptance of this agreement. All rights that are not expressly granted in this contract will be reserved for the SUPPLIER.

Acceptance of this contract implies the following rights and conditions:


– The CUSTOMER may install and use the software according to the requirements defined by the SUPPLIER. Failure to install the SOFTWARE requirements implies the termination of the contract.

– The SOFTWARE documentation and downloaded local electronic files are the property of the SUPPLIER. It cannot be decompiled, reverse engineered, dismantled, modified, rented, leased, loaned, or distributed. This agreement is for the USE OF SOFTWARE only, regardless of the license options of use chosen by the CLIENT.

– The SOFTWARE may not be used by the CLIENT in any illegal way, for any illegal purpose or in any way contrary to the terms of this agreement.

– The SOFTWARE may not be incorporated into any development, application or solution manufactured and distributed by the CLIENT.

– The SOFTWARE does not give rights to use the different Microsoft or third party products. For the rights and conditions of third-party products, the CLIENT must accept and comply with the different directives on use, conditions and licensing that are in force for said products.


– The license to use the SOFTWARE may be acquired with proprietary or subscription rights of use.

1. In the event that the CLIENT adheres to the subscription option (SaaS), he is granted the right to have the latest version of the software during the term of this Terms and Conditions contract. This benefit does not include installation, update or migration services to the latest version, which, if required, must be contracted from THE SUPPLIER independently.

2. In the event that the CUSTOMER adheres to the option of proprietary use (On-demand), he must contract a MAINTENANCE PLAN with the SUPPLIER that will allow him to access the SOFTWARE update. The hiring of this maintenance plan will be mandatory the first year. Non-payment of the SOFTWARE maintenance plan implies the loss of the benefits granted by said plan, so the CLIENT will not be able to access the SOFTWARE updates. This benefit does not include installation, update or migration services to the latest version, which, if required, must be contracted from THE SUPPLIER independently.

– The license to use the SOFTWARE does not grant a license to use third-party products that can be integrated with the SOFTWARE. The CLIENT must have the necessary third party product licenses, following the current licensing policy for said third party products.


– The functionality described in the SOFTWARE is specific to a version of the ERP (Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Microsoft Dynamic 365- Business Central). If the ERP has developments to adapt the functionality to the needs of the CLIENT, it may cause the SOFTWARE to not work correctly. In order to adapt the SOFWARE to that version of the ERP adapted for the CLIENT, the customization services must be contracted with the SUPPLIER, since these services are not included in the contract. Any customization of the SOFTWARE must be carried out by the SUPPLIER, such customization being outside the SOFTWARE maintenance contract.


– The SOFTWARE is the property of the SUPPLIER, and the source code of the software is not provided under any circumstances, regardless of whether any customization service has been performed for the CLIENT.


– Use of the SOFTWARE is at your own expense and is provided as is. The SUPPLIER expressly rejects all warranties of any kind whatsoever, express or implied, related to the Software and to any information accessed from it, including the implied warranty of ownership, merchantability, satisfactory quality, fitness for a purpose. particular and compliance.

– If the Software or the data accessed through the use of it, is found to be defective, the CLIENT will bear the full cost of all repairs or damages of any kind.


– In this agreement certain legal rights are detailed and the CLIENT may have other rights under the legislation of his jurisdiction. This contract does not modify the rights that the CLIENT has under the legislation of his country.

– This agreement and the relationship between the CLIENT and the SUPPLIER shall be governed by the laws of Spain, regardless of the CLIENT’s provisions on conflicts of laws. The CLIENT and the SUPPLIER expressly and irrevocably submit to the courts and tribunals of Barcelona.

This agreement will be automatically terminated if you breach any of the aforementioned terms.


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